About GGMC

New to riding? You aren't alone. Many of our members began riding with this club on their first bike. You''ll find that everyone in the club is eager to help you develop your skills. For your own safety and the safety of other members, it is important that you be able to ride safely within a group and maintain group speed prior to joining us for a group ride.


GGMC was established in 1998, and consists of a close-knit group of riders and families that all share at least one thing in common - we love motorcycles! We are not brand particular. Our mantra is "ride what you brung". Our members ride everything from sportbikes to big cruisers. Aside from the (often) kidding about each others rides, we welcome all comers to our group. In addition, many of us ride with our significant others, as well as our kids.

We are of course based out of Gwinnett County. Our ride destinations generally fall within 100-200 miles of Lawrenceville, which is our meeting location. Ride destinations are varied, but we generally travel to SEE, or EXPERIENCE something. From white-water rafting trips, to visiting historical sites, each trip is a rewarding day well spent. We ride a lot of miles! If you prefer to ride 30 miles to the nearest pub, our club is not for you. The majority of our rides are one-day affairs, but we do have several overnight rides during the year. Our rides are scheduled every other weekend, check the calendar for ride dates and destinations. We also ride on Wednesday nights, but these are usually not scheduled in advance. Watch the forum for these ride announcements.

Proud of our safety record, our Road Captains dedicate a lot of time to ride planning to ensure everyone makes it home safely. Route planning, gas/food stops and even your riding skill and experience are considered when the ride formation is established to enhance safety. Strict adherence to road rules, no drinking and driving, and adherence to club riding rules are expected of our members.

Ride safe. It's all about the ride.

James Griffin - GGMC President